I Love Islam, a tool for children to learn about the Quran

I Love Islam, a tool for children to learn about the Quran

The book series I Love Islam is an excellent tool for children to learn the fundamental aspects of religion and the Quran. It is a door to the faith, history and culture of Muslims. The collection extends throughout schooling and also includes CDs and books for teachers.

This method of learning favours contact with religion through stories, poems, questions and activities. In addition, it has vivid illustrations. Children find in these pages fun and motivating learning method.

Among the topics addressed in, I Love Islam are the Koran, the Hadeeth, the Sera, faith and worship, among others.

The books also bring complementary CDs, which improve the reference of teachers and students. In addition, they allow the little ones to have a better visualization of the concepts and ideas.

The publications I Love Islam come in English so that they can be easily understood by all the students.

I Love Islam uses a modern methodology that Includes simple, but engaging stories and a variety of creative exercises.

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