The Hans Wehr a Arabic-English Dictionary Modern Written Arabic

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Arabic-English Dictionary 3rd edition , enlarged and amended with 13,000 new entries.

The only Hans Wehr  authorized paperback Arabic-English Dictionary Edition.

Arabic-English Dictionary 3rd edition has thousands of new entries include additions and corrections to the material.

The author provides a useful introduction about the present state of the Arabic language.

There are remarks on the development of the lexicon of Modern Arabic.

They discuss both the purist movement with its normative tradition, and  what might also be called the laissez-faire actual usage of writers and journalists under the influence of Western modes of expression, of their everyday colloquial, or both.

Then moves on to the problem of local terminology, especially for public institutions, offices, administrative matters, titles, and also foods.

Although such terms are included for most of the Arab countries, the list is not complete, as indeed the author recognizes (viii).

Readers of Arabic material characterized by a distinct regional so coloring  refers to dialect dictionaries and glossaries. ”


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