Arabic Between Your Hands Textbook: Level 1, Part 2 (Arabic Edition)



Arabic Between Your Hands Textbook: Level 1, Part 2 (With QR Code) (Arabic Edition)

This  textbook, Arabic At Your Hands Series, is for educational entities, for instance schools, institutes and universities.

It begins from the basic level, Then continues until the students achieve master Arabic language.

In addition,  This book helps the students to improve Arabic studies in various majors.

The great thing about these books is it covers a lot of vocabulary through pictures, Images and using Arabic Only, introduces the students to grammar later and gradually rather than pushing them.

As the two followings books in the series, this book contains 16 units; each unit has 7 lessons with a total of 112 lessons. Each unit is designed as follows:
One: (3) pages that include and intensive reading text followed by in depth.
Two: (3) pages that include comprehension exercises and vocabulary drills.
Three: (2) pages that include grammar and grammar exercises.
Four: (2) pages they include listening comprehension drills.
Five: (2) pages they include oral and written drills.
Six: (2) pages that include grammar and grammar exercise.
Seven: (6) pages; that include an extensive reading text, comprehension and vocabulary drills.

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