Arabiyah lil-Shabab: Arabic for Young Adults: L1 Set of 2 الـعـربـيـة للـشـبـاب



Arabiyah lil-Shabab: Arabic for Young Adults: L1 Set of 2 الـعـربـيـة للـشـبـاب


Method of learning Arabic aimed toward young adults, to advance their Arabic language knowledge and also skills. Presented in 4 levels, its benefits include: clarity; rigorous standards; dynamic material; also current themes; tone of speech. Each level consists of a Textbook and a workbook.

From the al-Habib Affes series by Jeunesse Sans Frontiere, Arabic for Young Adults. Aimed toward non-native Arabic speakers, this series will teach Arabic from a basic level to a level equivalent to native speakers.

    The series consists of 3 systematic divisions: Reading, conversation, and also Arab culture.

  1. Reading: Reading skills are developed by close examination of authentic reading passages and regular vocabulary exercises focused on word building techniques. The series includes classical Arabic excerpts without the distractions of spoken dialects.
  2. Conversation: A careful balance of authentic and scripted listening materials builds conversational skills with native Arabic speakers.
  3. Arab Culture: Students  presented with Arabic and Western culture patterns to further understand the role of this timeless language.

Each section has specific objectives enabling the learner to generate language accurately in a variety of syntactical structures, also ranging from typical exercises to practical conversations.

This curriculum also develops fluency by communication, discovery, realization, and finally application. The series helps Arabic learners confidently deal with different types of writing, listening, reading, and spoken text

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