Horizons in the Arabic Language Workbook: Level 1 (New Edition)



Horizons in the Arabic new, Colored Edition, Level 1 lays the firm foundations for students to develop language proficiency.

  • Firstly the fun illustrations introduce the alphabet.
  • Students are encouraged to use right pronunciation.
  • There is a gradual introduction to vowels and basic vocabulary.
  • Students perform the “tajreed” of the letters
  • Nasheed sections combine enjoyment with education.
  • Oral drills using short sentences so allow students to begin developing their spoken language skills.
  • The Al-Aafaq fil lughati al-Arabiyaah (Horizons) Arabic textbooks series uses a new Arabic language model.

The objective is to make learning Arabic easy and enjoyable for students.

In order to increase comprehension and writing skills a workbook comes with the textbook.

In addition Horizons in the Arabic, includes fun coloring and matching activities.


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