I Love My Religion 4 – Uhibbu Dini أحب ديني



I Love My Religion 4 – Uhibbu Dini أحب ديني


The series ‘I Love My Religion‘ by Dr. Habib Affes is a curriculum that focuses on primary Islamic education. It also takes into account the choice of words appropriate to the age and maturity in the Arabic language. The series seeks to teach, step by step, a Muslim character, while also increasing knowledge and skills in the Arabic language.

The program ‘I Love My Religion’ includes :

  1. Memorization and understanding of the meaning of a number of suras from the Quran.
  2. Mediation of convictions and the most important pillars of belief (Aqeedah)
  3. Learning behaviors and morals
  4. Learning the practical exercise of religion (Ibada)
  5. Account of the life of the Prophet Mohammad.
  6. Story about the lives and stories of the Prophets (Adam, Abraham, Jesus …)


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