I Love The Arabic Language Workbook: Level 5 (New Edition)



I Love The Arabic Language Workbook : Level 5 (New Edition)

A excellent and also very popular course with full color illustrated books, split into 6 levels to teach Arabic at the elementary levels (ages 6-11).

This dynamic way of learning involves phonetic practice through exercises of

  • repetition
  • matching sounds,
  • word building
  • and spelling

 The Workbook’s Include:

  • Listening Comprehension: Exercises aimed at determining the level of children’s comprehension for new vocabularies through out determine the position of letter sound and also circle it.
  • Vocabulary: New vocabulary is listed to help with student memorization.
  • Reading: to read the new letters, words then expressions gradually.
  • Writing:  Students also practice writing letters and then joining them to become words

We carry All the ” I Love The Arabic Language Textbook’s and Workbooks “  on all Levels !

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