ICO Islamic Studies Textbook: Grade 2, Part 1 (English)


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ICO Islamic Studies Textbook: Grade 2, Part 1

At this Level , students build upon the two testimonies of the Shahaadah, and are introduced to the elements of faith. They also increase their knowledge of the Qur’an through memorization and recitation of Surah al-Burooj through Surah Ash-Sharh with short explanations for each Surah.

They learn additional characteristics of Prophet Muhammad (s) as well as the obligatory aspects of ablution.

Practical lessons in the performance of prayer, as well as the appropriate number of rak’aat for each salah, are integral components of this grade.

The Proper care of the masjid and other public property isalso stressed.The grade concludes with lessons on the very importance of developing good manners towards each other.


The Technical Features:

  • designed in accordance with quality standards in all aspects: colors, paper, size, illustration, and printing.
  • furnished with the appropriate illustrations and also pictures which match the students’ educational stage and environment.

The Instructional and Linguistic Features:

  • Reinforce the proper linguistic basis of the non-Arabic speaking students.
  • Build the students’ linguistic dictionary according to their environmental needs.
  • Provide non-Arabic speaking students with a good deal of Islamic vocabulary.
  • Identify the correct articulation of the different sounds through the study of the Glorious Qur’an.
  • Enable the students to evade making mistakes when reciting the Qur’an through employing the rules of the Arabic language.




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