The Jurisprudence of the Prophetic Biography



The Jurisprudence of the Prophetic Biography highlights the significance of studying the Prophet’s life for  understand Islam and the scholarly methods of narrating it.

It tackles the period from the Prophet’s birth to his mission, so it mentions:

  • Firstly his lineage
  • Birth
  • Journey to Syria
  • His laboring for provision
  • His trading with Khadijah’s wealth
  • Gis marriage to her, his participation in building the Kabah
  • Seclusion in Hira Cave
  • and the start of the Revelation.


From The back Cover

Many are those who wrote about the life of the Messenger of God and analyzed it. They presented as an exemplar of human greatness, insisting on giving people to understand that his conquests were nothing more than a revolution of the economic

Left against an extremist Right and deluding them into believing that the ulterior motive which led the Messenger of God to do what he did was his desire to transfer sovereignty from the hands of non-Arabs to those of the Arabs.

The weaving of fabricated conceptions, however, proved to be incapable of turning truth into falsehood. Hence, the clouds blown in by such writings have dissipated and the bright truth has broken through once again.

People in general and intellectuals in particular have remained certain that the greatness of the Messenger of God was a fruit of his prophethood and that the conquests and sovereignty he realized were the execution of a divine command rather than a quest of wealth or dominion.

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