Learning Islam: Level 2 Textbook (7th Grade)



The “Learning Islam 2” is for students in seventh grade or equivalent setting.

It is best for who studied Islamic Studies through Learning Islam 1 in sixth grade and “I Love Islam” series in their primary years.

This volume contains lessons from the Qur’an, Hadeeth, faith, Seerah and other authentic sources.

The book uses an exciting and creative language to present Islamic themes and concepts.

The units’ titles are:

  • Allah’s Message and Messengers.
  • Journey to the Hereafter.
  • Islam Prevails over Arabia.
  • Muslim Life Style.
  • Zakah and Charity.

Each chapter includes:

  • Firstly Outlines
  • Islamic vocabulary
  • Succinct
  • Objective material
  • and relevant stories.

Most importantly, the book has highlighted passages from the Qur’an and relevant Hadeeth of the Prophet.

The “Faith in Action” sections encourage students so they to apply what they learn into actions.

Pictures, illustrations and brilliant layout design therefore makes studying Islam exciting .

The review sections was design in order to teach students to consolidate, analyze and discuss their knowledge.

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