Qasasul Ambiyaa – Stories of the Prophets (Idara) (Seoharwi)



Qasasul Ambiyaa – Stories of the Prophets (Idara) (Seoharwi)

Summary of the book ‘Qasas-ul-Quran’ by Maulana Hifzur Rahman Seoharwy, originally written in Urdu. The author’s primary goal is to draw readers’ attention to the “results” of stories, in order to allow them to take the right path. In addition to the stories of the Holy Prophets (Alaihimus Salam) and other holy personalities. The special heading “Results and Lessons” at end of every chapter is, undoubtedly, remarkable and praiseworthy. Translated into English by Molvi Yousuf Karaan of South Africa.

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