Weekend Learning Islamic Studies: Level 3 (Revised and Enlarged Edition)



Weekend Learning Islamic Studies: Level 3 (Revised and Enlarged Edition)

The Weekend Learing Level 3 Islamic Studies book from Weekend Learning is for 7-10 year old children in Grades 3-5  who have completed Weekend Learning Islamic Studies 2 or who have a similar knowledge base of Islam.

Ideally the book is for the 1st grade students. This is their first year in a formal Islamic class.

All lessons in this book are thematically presented in distinct units.

Topics in the  book are diverse and are presented with greater detail.

Learning about our Creator remains an important focus of the entire series.

Five lessons :

  • Unit 1 is about  knowing our Creator.
  • Unit 2 covers some of the important topics about our faith.
  • Two chapters in this unit discusses two items of our faith in detail.
  • These are our belief in the Qur’an and our belief in the Messengers.
  • The unit 3 is about Nabi Muhammad (S), particularly reflecting on the kindness of our Nabi.
  • This Unit 4 covers life and activities of five past messengers.
  • The Unit 5 has four lessons on Islam in general.
  • The final unit has several topics on aqidah and akhlaq in Islam.

The goal here is to keep it simple and enjoyable, yet informative. Each chapter provides the Islamic foundation appropriate for this age group.

Coloring time helps students settle down and be comfortable in class.Attention span of children is small; therefore, short paragraphs introduce two or three concepts.

Finally, this is the Revised and Enlarged Edition.

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