The book of manners: a guide to fully live the Islam

The Prophet Muhammad not only conveyed the teachings of God but also guided the faithful in good works and warned about the evil in the world.

The book of manners is a guide to essential good manners to live Islam fully. It is a tool that serves for everyday life within a community. The publication includes manners that encompass religious and worship issues; and the relationship with the family, children, acquaintances and strangers.

The book covers important aspects of everyday life so that Muslims can succeed in earthly life and beyond.

The book of manners is a set of manners on how to do certain things and the behaviours that the faithful must-have in a situation or with others.

Great scholars wrote on this subject such as Ibn Al-Qayyim Al-Jawziyyah, Ibn Muflaih and As-Safaareenee.

The book of manners is an ideal publication to have at home because it can be shared and analyzed as a family.

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