Tisbah beads, a means to connect with God

All religions use prayer beads to pray and be in touch with God. Islam is not an exception.

It is very common to see Muslims with Tisbah Beads in their hands or pockets. Many use them to disconnect from the everyday world and relax. It is a method to meet oneself and to be closer to Allah.

The Tisbah Beads are 99 and correspond to the Islamic names of God. It has two more that are used to separate. The sentence is divided into three: 33 times “Subhan Allah”, 33 times “Al-hamdu lilah” and 33 times “Allahu Akbar”.

The holy book of the Quran emphasizes that the prayer brings well-being and should be done with submission and care. The Prophet Muhammad also defined that praying is the foundation of the religion. In this way, prayer gives hearts a feeling of well-being and sets aside people from bad thoughts.

Tisbah Beads are made of different materials, such as acrylic. Some of them are hand-painted and come directly from North Africa.

It doesn’t matter what material they are made of. The significant thing is to be able to pray and connect with Allah in peace.

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